Meadow Run Training Programs:

Meadow Run stresses the importance of sound training specifically tailored to you and your dog. Many people have different goals for their companions. We believe in positive methods, using management techniques and structure. Prevent the unwanted behaviors and positively reinforce the behavior that you want, and you will have a dog who wants to behave! Quite simply, we believe that a happy dog equals a happy owner!

There are two types of training programs available at Meadow Run:

Board & Train - when dogs ideally remain at the farm for a 3 week period. We can train for shorter periods, but it takes about 3 weeks to start to build good habits. We encourage owner involvement during your dog’s stay. At the end of the training program, you and your dog will learn to work together in a private consultation. After your dog has completed the Ultimate 3 Week Board and Train, we provide FREE training whenever he is boarded.

Private Lessons - when owners and their dogs come to the farm and learn to work together. We can focus on new skills, problem solving, or help brush up old skills. For an additional fee, I can come to your home.

Our training goal is simple: to help you create YOUR ideal companion. We often focus on greeting skills, walking nicely on a leash, being quiet at appropriate times, and general self control. We find that simply learning to pay attention to the owner during times of distraction can be helpful, because then a dog is more likely to listen. Again, there is an emphasis on creating a dog who WANTS to listen; not because he HAS to.

View our rates page for more information and for pricing or each boarding service.