The following products are available at Meadow Run Dogs. We recommend Jeffers Pet Supply for
most of your dogs needs. Check out their pricing on Kongs, flexi leads, and chew toys!

Flint River Ranch

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Flint River Ranch twice oven bakes their human grade dog food to bake in the natural flavor of the ingredients that dogs love. This process helps transform the ingredients naturally into an easier-to-digest food that allows your pets to rapidly absorb the nutrients and readily use them for energy and muscle building. The food is concentrated which cuts down on feedings, but keeps a consistent nutritional value. Flint River Ranch does not add any preservatives or animal byproducts to their food. Many pet foods are extruded, which steam cooks the food at a very high temperature for a short period of time, often creating a crunchy exterior but may leave the inside undercooked. This exterior coating traps water and is difficult for your dog to break down, which may result in bloating issues.

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Kong Dog Chew ToyKongs - The number one chew toy in America. Can be used again and again, very safe for your dog and his teeth.

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Gentle Leader for DogsGentle Leader - Does your dog pull you around? Are you using a prong collar? The Gentle Leader works on the theory - if you have control of the head the body will follow. Almost like how we can control a 1200 lb. horse with a simple halter. The Gentle Leader is a means to an end - we like to see all dogs "graduate" back to a flat buckle collar. Come to Meadow Run to have a Gentle Leader fitted properly and we can show you how to use it properly.

Flexi Leads for DogsFlexi Leads - Used properly, a dog on a retractable leash can learn valuable "off leash" skills and self-control. He can exercise and still be within the limits of today's Leash laws. Used improperly, retractable leashes can injure dogs and people. Come to Meadow Run to purchase and learn how to use this valuable training tool.

Treat Pouch for Dog TreatsTreat Pouch - Instant access to treats so you can "pay" your dog properly! Belt fits around your waist, does not need to clip to your clothing. Hinge closure, snaps shut to prevent spilling your treats!

Dogwise All Things Dog

Dogwise boasts over two-thousand dog related books for everyone from the new dog owner to the most ardent enthusiast. Check out their site by clicking the Dogwise banner above and you will be amazed at the variety the offer. And they offer also offer several individually selected dog toys, training tools and much more. If you want to learn more about your dog, your favorite breed or how to train your pet more effectively, Dogwise is definitely worth checking out.

Authors and Trainers We Recommend

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Jean Donaldson
Patricia McConnell
Karen London
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