How to stuff a kong

Kong Dog Chew ToyWhy Kongs? After years of evaluating dog chew toys, Meadow Run fully endorses the standard Kong toy. When stuffed properly, they provide hours of enjoyment for your dog. They will not hurt your dog's teeth, can be used for dogs on special diets, and can be cleaned and reused again and again! You cannot "over Kong" a dog - you can even feed them through Kongs only.

First you purchase a kong. Meadow Run normally has kongs for a very reasonable price. Black is the most durable and thus more expensive, but red holds up fine in most cases. The large size is the best size for most breeds (terrier size thru retriever; unless your dog has an unusually large head and mouth)

Next you stuff it! Forget all the Kong stuffers from the pet shop - too expensive! Forget peanut butter - too easy! Try:

Your dog's dry food - soak it thoroughly in water until it becomes like a paste. Fill the Kong at least half way, then freeze over night.

Your dog's canned food - fill halfway, then freeze.

Bil-Jac frozen dog food - when thawed, it is much like play dough, and can be packed into the Kong and either frozen or given immediately.

Always clean Kongs after use, cleaning out any food your dog has left. Do not expect him to be completely successful at first. You can always make them easier at first, but you don't want him to finish too quickly. Kongs are meant to entertain, but can also frustrate a bit as he learns.

Use stuffed Kongs anytime your dog needs entertainment - when he is wandering around the house looking for trouble, when he is crated, as a bedtime snack, when company comes over. You can serve his meals in Kongs if he spends a lot of time crated. Just make sure he gets the correct amount of food! The more you use Kongs, the more content your dog will be.

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