Frequently Asked Questions

I've scheduled boarding - what next?
You must send in a deposit equivalent to 2 days board to hold your dog's reservation. (1 dog/1 run = $70, 2 dogs/1 run = $120, 2 dogs/ 2 runs = $140). Include an email or phone number for confirmation. The deposit is nonrefundable (in most cases) unless you cancel 30 days prior to your scheduled boarding time. Your deposit will be applied to your total boarding charge.

One week prior to boarding, call to schedule a drop off appointment. Do not wait until the last minute to schedule, or we might not have the drop off time you want. Remember - all visits to Meadow Run are by appointment only. We want to have time to spend with each individual customer and dog, and we may be walking or training dogs. Meadow Run is also a private home, and family is very important.

What do I bring with me?
Bring your dog's food, treats, and any special toys that will make him feel more at home. You can package the food in daily portions or you can just bring the bag. Each dog will have his own bin to keep his belongings in. We will feed as many times per day as you like. Please do not bring any bedding. We supply beds and fleece bedding so your dog will be very comfortable and clean.

Can I bring rawhides?
Yes, you may. We also provide interactive toys which are stuffed with food at different times during the day. Please let us know if your dog is a big chewer so we can make sure he gets enough chewing activity.

Is there a charge for giving medication?
No, there is not. We feel that any extra attention a dog needs is a part of our program at Meadow Run. Please provide us with detailed instructions on what he needs. We do not board diabetic dogs, however. Their health can be too precarious, and should be under the watchful eye of a veterinarian.

Do you take dogs with special issues?
Yes, but please let us know as much about your dog as possible. We want to know if he has fear of storms, separation anxiety, dog or cat aggression, or if he has ever bitten anyone. The more you can tell us ahead of time, the better!

Do you board cats?
No, we only board dogs. We do have four VERY friendly cats who often greet visitors, so if you have a cat aggressive dog or are unsure how your dog is with cats, please keep him in the car until we have checked you in.

My dog hates other dogs - will you still take him?
Yes, we will, but let us know ahead of time! Do not let him out of your car unless we are right there to escort you in. We also will make sure his neighbors in the kennel are chosen carefully to help lower his anxiety.

What is a typical day at Meadow Run?
We open the kennel about 5 a.m., and close about 8 p.m. seven days a week. The dog doors are opened so they may go outside and come back in at will throughout the day. Play groups are put out as soon as it is daylight, and put out throughout the day. Dogs are fed according to owner's instructions. Throughout the day, dogs get to see different families and dogs coming and going for lessons and boarding. In the evening, all dogs receive a bedtime snack and a "Good night!" before lights out. Soothing music is played at all times.

Can I bring bedding?
No, we supply all bedding. We want to keep your dog as clean and dry as possible, so we use our own bedding which can easily be washed and dried in our machines. If your dog has chewing issues, please let us know so we can adjust accordingly.

What happens if my trip plans change?
Please let us know as soon as possible. Planes can be delayed, cars can break down. Your dog will be well cared for until you pick him up. If you need to cancel your reservations, please let me know as soon as possible, so I can fill the space with the first person on the waiting list.

Except under extreme circumstances, cancellation of reservations must be 30 days in advance or you lose your deposit.

What vaccinations does my dog need?
All the dogs that come to Meadow Run should be up to date on their 5-7 Way, rabies, flea, tick and heartworm preventatives. The main vaccination to make certain is current is the Bordatella or "kennel cough" vaccine. This disease or complex of diseases is a respiratory infection that can be highly contagious and irritating, but not dangerous. Remember, sending a dog to a kennel is like sending a child to school - there is always a slight chance that he might catch something.

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